The wonder product


There are so many products out there for your hair and your face and your skin. Each product is filled with tons of chemicals, and while most are healthy, they can also cause allergic reactions or just not mesh well with your body.

My favorite product, also happens to be the most commonly found things in drug stores, Vaseline! I started out just using it for my lips, but I soon realized how beneficial it is for the rest of your face as well.

Vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly, a moisturizing, non-comedogenic substance. This means it heals your chapped skin without clogging your pores.


Chapped lips, slide it on like lip balm when you go to sleep or even put it on top of your lipstick to add moisture and shine

Eyelashes: use you finger or a clean mascara wand to apply a thin layer to your lashes. It makes your lashes thicker, fuller, and stronger. Just be gentle when you take it off and be sure not to put any vaseline directly into your eyes.

Acne: dab vaseline onto existing zits and on acne scars and blemishes. The moisturizing quality of the petroleum jelly allows skin to heal faster and acts as a guard on your skin so more dirt and oil can’t get into the zit.

Remove makeup: I would not recommend using vaseline as your main makeup remover. I usually use it to take off eye makeup if I forget to take it off before I shower or if I accidentally sleep with makeup on. Lightly spread vaseline over the already loosened/smudged makeup and wipe it away with a washcloth or tissue.

There are so many other uses for vaseline, these are just the ones I personally have tried.






A guide to healthy hair

In my years as a teen, my hair has been through a lot. I went through phases of short hair, bangs, colored hair, bleach, and lots and lots of split ends. With all the changes I’ve made, I’ve made some discoveries on what really is good and bad for your hair.

My hair is very very dark brown very straight, and in between being thick and thin. I don’t use any products on my hair daily and really don’t use an particular shampoo or conditioner. Everything I’ve come up with is based on my own hair type.


Wash your hair every other night::washing every night strips away essential oils that keep your hair strong, but if you wait too long in between washes, you will have super greasy hair.


Go to sleep with soaking wet hair::your hair is fragile, if you shower before bed brush your hair out first and give it time to dry. Going to sleep with soaking wet hair will cause your hair to break easier and in the winter cause you to be more prone to colds!


Dry your hair anyway you please::I come out of the shower and put my hair up in a towel, then take it down, brush it, and dry the top of my hair with a hair dryer. I let the ends of my hair air dry because then my hair isn’t super frizzy.


Be super rough:: like I said before, your hair must be treated gently! Turbie Twists are super great and absorbent, but the towel texture can be really damaging to your hair. What I actually do is turn the towel inside out so that the rough towel absorbent side is on the outside. That may sound like it’s defeating the point of the towel, but the water is still absorbed and the towel is much more gentle on my hair.


Use protection:: it is so easy to mess up your hair with dyes, bleach, and heat. Whenever you are doing something that involves anything that changes you hairs natural form, think of investing in some sort of heat protectent and special shampoos/conditioners


Use 5 million different products: Ok so you like your hair to look super sleek with no frizz and no fly-aways, but putting 3 different anti-frizz products in your hair every morning will eventually do more harm than help. Find a couple products that create a look you love, and stick to them! There is no need to put unnecessary chemicals into your hair.

And finally, DO

Keep it natural! You are beautiful as yourself, so let whatever type of hair you have shine!



**featured picture is  not my own

Learning to french braid: a journey

Hair is not my forte. I have attempted to use Pinterest to my advantage to try “quick and easy” hairstyles. To my dismay, my hair, never ends up looking like the beautiful pictures online. French braids are a style that will never go out of style because they are both practical and cute. They are the upgrade of regular braids (which are the one thing I do quite well actually) and can be done with pretty much any type of hair.

There are many mornings where I am getting ready and I think how good a french braid would look with my outfit, but alas, my attempts only get me knotted hair and late for school. I decided to take matters into my own hands and Youtube the shit out of “how to french braid”. My sister and one of my friends have been my guinea pigs and I have to say, I am proud of my progress.

My sister has very long and very very thin hair that clearly, never stays put.

My friend also has long thin hair, but it a little more frizzy, the single braid was ok, but the pigtails were a mess.

Unfortunately, as you can see, my braids are very floppy/loopy/weird and I don’t recommend either of them going out in public. So I’m asking you, blogging universe. Tips for french braiding? How do I make it less floppy?! What is the secret?? Leave your tips in the comments, thank you all!

Sarah. A

Spring (skin) cleaning

Acne is something everyone struggles with at some point in their life. No one likes it, no one wants it, and everybody just wants to get rid of it. There are plenty of products out there to help you, but you might be doing things everyday that are hurting your skin! Here are some quick tips for keeping your skin healthy and clean.

Change your pillow case

You sleep on your pillow every night, sometimes you sit on it, you throw your clothes on it, your pillow goes through a lot. There are so many germs that congregate on your pillow and pillow case so it is essential that you wash it at least one every two weeks. If you are sick I recommend changing it after a couple nights, it really makes a difference.

Wash your face cloth

Washing your face is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy. Using the same washcloth after weeks of wiping off makeup and dirt can cause a build up of germs. Change your washcloth on a weekly basis to ensure cleaner cleaning.

Wipe down your phone screen

So maybe you don’t use your phone for calling that much, but when you do, your phone is pressed up against your face. Your phone screen is touched by your hands too many times to count in one day, think of all those germs! Wipe your screen down with a disinfectant wipe like clorax, or buy wipes specially for screen cleaning.

Wash your hands

Going along with your phone screen, people are constantly toughing their face. We do it absentmindedly when we’re nervous, bored, or stressed. Next time you go up to touch your face, remember all the places you have put your hands, it’s kind of gross but also a mini reminder to wash your hands after touching the steering wheel, your dog, or your phone.


Clean your makeup brushes

A tip any makeup user will tell you, this is not over rated!! I used to neglect this, but I recently saw the importance of cleaning my brushes. Plus I just ordered this brush cleaner from Sephora that my friend recommended (I can’t wait to do a review!) which I hope will make things easier.

Also, here’s a really helpful chart that I found on Pinterest from Lauren Conrad about face mapping



Tips for Stress

Everyone experience it at one point or another, stress. It constantly plagues high school and college students, trying to complete their homework or papers, and even adults struggling with deadlines.

Here are some helpful tips for how to conquer your stress!

1) Music

My go to relaxation after having a bad day or a fight with a friend.  It drowns out all of the thoughts flying around in my head and typically calms me down within a few minutes. When I’m stressing out over schoolwork I’ll typically put on some Fall Out Boy or my new favorite band All Time Low. I’m also currently in the process of creating a destressing playlist so if anyone has suggestions comment below!

2) Netflix 

The reason why I constantly procrastinate while writing my papers. It’s always so addictive, I tell myself I’m only watching 5 minutes of a TV show or movie but I always end up finishing it no matter what. But if you can control your Netflix addictions (unlike me) take a break for every 2 assignments you complete (combined some of them will take you a half an our or more) and watch an episode or finish the newest movie on your likes list!

3) Take a Bath

Not everyone might have the luxury of a bathtub but if you do I highly recommend that you use it.  After a long day of studying and sports it’s important to give yourself a break! I love putting in bubble bath, bath salts, or bath bombs from Lush. It’s not always easy to make time for it but when you can definitely take one

4) Talk to Friend!

If you have a good friend group then you have plenty of people who care about you and who will listen to you. When I started ninth grade I changed school systems and went from a public to a private high school that is 40 minutes away from me! That was and still is one of the challenges of developing friendships in high school. Now that I’m a junior I’ve pretty much settled into my friend group and I know I can always count on them.  I actually recently was having some problems that were stressing me out and I had been holding it in for months. Finally I realized I needed to tell someone because it was driving me insane and it was affecting my mood. So I texted one of my best friends and finally let it out and it felt amazing. The moral of the story is don’t let your stress be your enemy, you control it

Xoxo Sarah E.