Graduation dresses

Graduation is right around the corner! It’s a time for celebrating knowledge, freedom, and the future. I am so excited to go to college and learn new things, but I’m also excited for the ceremony. Many girls take this as an opportunity to wear something cute under their robes, often choosing the color white. As much as I like white dresses (they always look so fresh and clean) there are so many other options! Don’t be afraid to go out of the box with a color or a pattern. Stores are bursting with great summer options perfect for wearing under your graduation robe.

As for choosing what’s graduation appropriate, definitely go with something short, so that it’s underneath the robe. Wear something with thicker straps so they don’t fall off your shoulders underneath the robe. Make sure the fabric is light because generally the robes are polyester, aka sweaty. Also, as in as high necklines are right now, make sure it doesn’t look weird sticking out from your robe. Also in regard to the robe, try not to go for a clashing color scheme, or worse (in my opinion) matching.



American Eagle

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.13.15 PM


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.16.02 PM

This one also comes in pink, which I actually like better, but the white one is on the model.



Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.29.46 PM


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.31.07 PM

Forever 21

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.34.05 PM


Congrats to all you graduates out there!




Freeman’s facemask

Face masks are something I discovered in the days of middle school when any zit remedy available was good enough for me. I started with Freeman and since then have not changed brands because they’re so good! I do eventually think I’ll try making my own mask just for kicks, but for now I’ll stick to my go-to.

I get the chocolate &  strawberry scent because it smells so good! Th consistency is really smooth and thick, a small dollop goes a long way. I spread it all over my face and leave it on for about 10 minutes until my whole face is dry. Sometimes the time varies if you put it on unevenly, so I suggest waiting until everything is the same shade, but no part has started to crack yet.

Wiping it off is really easy, I just stick my face under the faucet to warm water and rub the mask off with my hands. My skin is left feeling really soft and smooth. I try to use this once a week to keep my pores small and to really cleanse my skin of bacteria.

You can find the product here or at Ulta. I think I tried the Avocado Oatmeal mask a while ago and liked the results but wasn’t thrilled with the scent. I’m almost done with this tube so I think I will buy one of another scent soon!

Me looking just beautiful with my face mask on




A guide to healthy hair

In my years as a teen, my hair has been through a lot. I went through phases of short hair, bangs, colored hair, bleach, and lots and lots of split ends. With all the changes I’ve made, I’ve made some discoveries on what really is good and bad for your hair.

My hair is very very dark brown very straight, and in between being thick and thin. I don’t use any products on my hair daily and really don’t use an particular shampoo or conditioner. Everything I’ve come up with is based on my own hair type.


Wash your hair every other night::washing every night strips away essential oils that keep your hair strong, but if you wait too long in between washes, you will have super greasy hair.


Go to sleep with soaking wet hair::your hair is fragile, if you shower before bed brush your hair out first and give it time to dry. Going to sleep with soaking wet hair will cause your hair to break easier and in the winter cause you to be more prone to colds!


Dry your hair anyway you please::I come out of the shower and put my hair up in a towel, then take it down, brush it, and dry the top of my hair with a hair dryer. I let the ends of my hair air dry because then my hair isn’t super frizzy.


Be super rough:: like I said before, your hair must be treated gently! Turbie Twists are super great and absorbent, but the towel texture can be really damaging to your hair. What I actually do is turn the towel inside out so that the rough towel absorbent side is on the outside. That may sound like it’s defeating the point of the towel, but the water is still absorbed and the towel is much more gentle on my hair.


Use protection:: it is so easy to mess up your hair with dyes, bleach, and heat. Whenever you are doing something that involves anything that changes you hairs natural form, think of investing in some sort of heat protectent and special shampoos/conditioners


Use 5 million different products: Ok so you like your hair to look super sleek with no frizz and no fly-aways, but putting 3 different anti-frizz products in your hair every morning will eventually do more harm than help. Find a couple products that create a look you love, and stick to them! There is no need to put unnecessary chemicals into your hair.

And finally, DO

Keep it natural! You are beautiful as yourself, so let whatever type of hair you have shine!



**featured picture is  not my own

Sleep no more 


I do not have enough words to describe this amazing, weird, riveting experience. Sleep no more is an immersive theater experience; meaning that the play of Macbeth is happening around you. You wander through rooms wearing a mask; it is completely silent. Around you, actors without masks act out scenes of the play through beautiful, expressive dances.

(not my pictures)

I went with a group of friends (there were a total of 4 of us, the smaller the better) but we all separated and went off on our own. You wander through the McKittrick hotel’s 5 floors going through hundreds of rooms exploring, looking through room items, and following characters through their scenes. It is eerie and weird but extremely extremely cool. The magic is that though at some points you are surrounded by a bunch of people it is always silent with only the 20’s jazz age music playing in the background. Plus, as soon as you are surrounded, you can turn a corner and be completely alone with only an eerie room full of secrets before you.

I absolutely loved everything about this experience. My friends had been before but this was my first time, they loved it just as much, if not more than the first time they went. Every time you go you will experience something new because the hotel is full of secrets (including a 6th floor!)  and the actors sometimes surprise the guests with “one on ones” or “missions”. I highly recommend doing this when you are next in NYC and you can read more about the event or people’s experiences in the link above.



P.s There is no photography allowed in the venue, which is why I have none/internet ones are shitty

P.P.S Sorry for all the lifestyle posts, I’ll be doing a beauty one soon!




Summer reading list

Reading has always been a favorite past time of mine, but during the year I often don’t have time to relax and read a whole book. Summer has given me plenty of free time, so I have created a reading list for myself.

It by Alexa Chung, as she is an inspiration in so many ways plus the look of this book is so cute.


Bossypants by Tina Fey, I’m such a fan of SNL as well as so many of her movies, she makes me laugh in every role she plays. I was laughing through out every chapter of this book. 9780316198035_p1_v2_s192x300

On the same track with comedians, I borrowed Yes Please, by Amy Poehler as she is also a favorite SNL cast member and comedian of mine. Her book had a bit more of a serious side but still plenty of humor and I highly recommend this one as well.

For school I have to read and write about How to read literature like a professor by Thomas C. Foster. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet, but so far it’s better than I thought it would be so that’s pretty good.


I also have a choice from a list the school gave us and from it I think I am going to read One flew over the cukoos nest by Ken Kesey. I’ve heard amazing reviews about the book and the movie so I’m excited to start this one.


And finally, the book of the summer, Harry Potter and the cursed child. I fully accept the fact that I have an intense Harry Potter obsession and I am pumped to read the continuation of my favorite series.




I’m back!

Hello wordpress world! The entire month of July I was completely absent from blogging and I am truly sorry for that. I realized that I spent way too much time inside on my computer not enjoying enough of what was actually happening in life. As much as I love reading everything on WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook, half of my day was usually spent inside! This summer has brought beautiful weather, and I have been taking advantage of it as much as possible. That being said, lots has happened and I can’t wait to share!

I have been reading, hiking, tanning, trying new beauty products and diys, sewing, drawing, listening to music, and going on some pretty cool day trips. I have controlled my schedule this summer as I only work about 2 days a week, so with each day I have been trying to have as much fun as possible. I’ll be back on all your feeds with my summer adventures in no time!


Sarah. A

Summer goals

Summer is an opportunity to go crazy and take advantage of free time. I have a habit of sitting around wishing something will happen, rather than actually trying to make something happen. In an attempt to beat boredom I’ve come up with a list of goals to keep me busy these next few months.

Exercise/stretch daily

This should probably be a year-round goal for me, but I always push exercising to the side saying I’m too busy. Stretching is really important and can keep you toned and feeling good. Even just going for a walk around the block counts as exercise. I really want to take advantage of the beautiful weather so walking around town has been my go-to lately.

Go to Bryant park movie

As I mentioned in my Summer solstice post, my friend and I came across the Bryant park movie festival. The event is free, is sponcered by great companies, and can be enjoyed in the middle of beautiful Bryant Park. I’m a huge movie fan so I can’t wait to bring a bunch of my friends, a blanket, and some good food to this event!

College visits

My time in high school is coming to a close! It’s a little scary but I am so so very excited to go to college, so these visits are getting me even more pumped! There are a few colleges I know I want to visit but I know there are some out there that I haven’t even considered so I’m excited for those too.


Along with looking colleges, I have to have enough to get in. I want to major in fashion so a portfolio is needed for my acceptance. I’ve started gathering what I need, bu there’s still a lot for me to do and prepare for.

Eat fruit/veggies everyday

I will never be able to give up snack food, it’s just not possible for me. That being said, I know there needs to be a balance in my diet so I’ve made a deal with my self. For every snack food I eat, I will eat a fruit or veggie with it. I’m big on contrasting flavors so this so far has resulted in chips with strawberries and mini muffins with carrots. A little weird yes, but summer is such a good time for fresh fruit so it’s not exactly torture.

Learn to drive stick shift

This is my biggest goal of the summer! I got my license this January, and I absolutely love driving. I share a car with my mom though, so sometimes it’s annoying when I can’t go out because she needs the car. My sister has her own car, but it’s not automatic! If I learn to drive a stick I will definitely be able to go out more, plus I will look pretty cool in my sister’s sporty car rather than my mom’s mom mobile haha. I also think it’s necessary to know how to drive manual as well as automatic no matter where you live, because it teaches you to be more aware of the road and of your own driving skills.