Spring Trends

Though the weather is making it hard to believe lately, Spring is here! There are so many cute styles popping up and I’m so excited to update my wardrobe with them.I went to the mall the other day and I think I saw each one of these items at least 3 times in each store.

Cold shoulder & cutouts (Forever 21, Macy’s, Target)

T-Shirt Dress 8366575_fpx.jpg  52199622.jpg

High necklines (Nordstrom, Everything but water, Tilly’s)

olive-little-thrills-shift-dress@2x.jpg 96511_l.jpg302829531.jpg

Straps (American Eagle, Lulu’s)

2360_2711_615_f.jpg 1320730_204906.jpg

lace up everything (Forever21, Lulu’s, Cotton on)

Plunging Strappy Bodysuit  2468662_475562.jpg 1927742_322372.jpg

Overalls (Asos, Hollister, Levis)

7765504-1-midwash.jpg hol_149285_01_model1.jpg 291870000-front-grid.jpg

chokers (Forever21 and Charming Charlie)

Beaded Chainmail Charm Choker Tie-Dye Bandana Choker 

cropped pants (Zara, Loft, American Eagle)

6840070400_1_1_1.jpgimageService.jpg 0437_9752_780_f.jpg

My personal favorites are high neck tops, cut out tops, and overalls. I know what I’ll be spending my next paycheck on!




Super bowl super style

Lady Gaga absolutely KILLED at the Superbowl last night. Her performance was an awesome show and she had the outfit to match.

The first shot of her up on the roof of the dome in Atelier Versace was absolutely breathtaking. The body suit looked sexy and sleek and was a subtle tribute to the style god himself, David Bowie. Her matching Swarovski-covered boots completed the look to a T. Adding the gold studded jacket was pretty wild but Gaga can do no wrong and she looked even cooler. Her final outfit of the sparkly underwear things and the football style top was also incredibly sexy and cool.


Lady Gaga’s outfits made a total statement and I think her whole show was a 10/10 Superbowl halftime performance!





The latest on: Jeans

Jeans are an item that will never ever go out of style. They are practical and stlylish and made for everybody type in the world. I’ve been obsessed with jeans since I was a kid and was always drawn to ones with sparkles, cool belts, and buttons. Jeans are an extremely versatile piece and their different shapes have bobbed in and out of the fashion world over the years.

For what seems like forever, the trend has been skinny jeans, I’ve gone along with it because my legs are long and thin, but looking back at pictures I’ve realized how boring my legs look. I am so stoked that this season flare/bell bottom jeans are back in! A boot cut jean adds dimension, excitement and flare (hah!).

American Eagle










Project Runway season 15!

Project Runway is my most favorite tv show in this whole universe. I become so obsessed with all the designers and am so inspired by all their aesthetics. Season 15 began last Thursday and I am so into it already. The first challenge was unconventional, using the party decorations of the room they were in. It was so so good and I’m incredibly excited for the rest of the season!!


Winner: Erin

Her look was so funky and cool! I’m not really into yellow or fur for that matter, but everything was so balanced and totally brought out her personality like the challenge asked for. Her look wasn’t my favorite of the bunch, but I still think it deserved the win.

Image result for project runway season 15 episode 1 winning look

Loser: Ian

This was a total snooze fest to the max. It was so basic and I think the add-on’s made it look like a craft project that anyone could have done. There was no real style to this look and he could have done a lot more even with a simple shift dress. I also think he was deserving of the loose.

Image result for project runway season 15 episode 1 winning look

My favorite: Nathalia

So! Many! Textures! I think this look so cool and creative. The silver and white are really sleek and the bold difference between the texture of the dress and the sleeves is so eye catching.

'Project Runway' season 15 premiere recap: Fashion takes center stage



*none of these pictures are mine*

The Little black dress

The little black dress has been an iconic wardrobe necessity since Audrey Hepburn started the trend. Since then it has been cut, bedazzled, painted, fringed, and everything in between. The lbd has become a wardrobe staple for high school students to celebrities. Though the little black dress obviously has to be “little” and “black” that doesn’t mean it has to be boring in any sense. Practically brand has come up with their own style of the lbd to suit every girl out there.

fx21 deep plunge                                                             fx21 crisscross

tillys spaghetti strap                                                                 tillys babydoll

zara shoulder cutouts                                                              zara sheer

h&m lace                                                                  h&m one shoulder

Lulu’s ruffles                                                              Lulu’s line cutouts

AA velvet                                                                          AA metallic



Summer festival style

This summer people have been super into the “boho festival” vibe. Everything is super flowy and light, I really like it. So many stores are selling really cool stuff and I’m excited to add some “festival looks” to my closet despite the fact that I’m not going to any festivals.

Cotton on romperAmerican eagle kimonoForever 21 shorts Aerie bralette,


Hollister top,Pacsun dress,DSW sandals,Francesca’s necklace,Lulu’s floppy hat

There are so many cute options and my collection of boho clothes is slowly growing. I never thought I would be so into the complete fluidity of the style but everything looks so effortless and chic, it’s addicting!



Transitional pieces/outfit inspo

Transitioning from any season can be a struggle for your wardrobe. Luckily, there are some pieces that are great year round and practically made for transitioning for warm to to cold or vice versa.

As a general style try going short on top, long on bottom or vice versa. Sometimes my legs are cold, but sometimes my arms are, there’s really no telling. By wearing long-sleeves with shorts or pants with a tank, you can ensure that at least one part of your body will be the perfect temperature. Here’s some inspiration from pinterest!

A Denim jacket: These babies are your best friend, they can transform any outfit, go with any style, and are perfect for any season. Denim jackets can be any shade of denim, have any amount of sparkles or studs, and can be worn by any age woman (or man!). Every person should own a denim jacket, they are literally the most versatile piece of clothing ever! Plus, these babies are sold everywhere, forever 21urban outfitterslevi’s, and billions more stores.

Tights/leggings: You can put them under a dress, under a skirt, or ever under shorts. Tights and leggings have become super popular and have branched out from just plain colors. There are some really cool patterned tights and leggings you can find at stores like H&Mfrancesca’s, and foot traffic

High boots: The classic high boot with jeans look is always in, but there’s also the high boot with a skirt or dress look. High boots are so sleek and stylish, they can upgrade any outfit. Because they’re good all year round, I highly recommend getting a good quality pair at someplace like DSWNordstrom, or gojane

Cardigan with dress: Cardigans are perfect for any breezy day but pairing one with a dress gives off a more whimsical vibe. The cardi could be way longer than your dress, short and cropped, or a thick knit on top of a cotton dress. Cardigans are so versatile because they come in literally every color/print/fabric.You can probably find cardigans in any clothing store, but I thought anthropologiecharlotte russe, and target were some good places to start.