A new product

My schedule is super hectic lately so I’m looking for every product out there that will save time and give me the best results. Lately I’ve been testing out different pad products to see how they result. So far I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve found.

Makeup remover pads: For a while I used liquid on a cotton ball, then I moved to wipes, but now I’ve gone on to eye makeup remover pads. These Neutrogena pads are so soft and work so well. As much as I liked the other products I used, they left my face feeling greasy and sometimes I felt like i still had makeup on. These pads wipe everything off really easily. Each pad is really soft and thick, there doesn’t even seem to be that much product on it but my makeup comes off really well. This is easily my new favorite makeup remover product and they’re really cheap too!


Acne pads: I’ve talked about these Oxy pads before, but I’ll keep talking about them because they continue to work! My skin has been super greasy lately and I’ve been getting more acne than usual, but these Oxy pads leave me feeling really clean. I use them as soon as I get home from school and right before I go to bed (after I use face wash) so the product really has time to work on my skin. Though they have a ton of alcohol in them and can burn if your skin is too dry, my pores are way tighter and my skin is less oily after I use them.


Nail polish remover pads: I’ve just started using these from Ulta and find that they’re good, not great. Though they claim to take color off all 10 fingers, this is only true for lighter colors. Since spring is coming I’ve been putting on lighter colors and these pads work pretty well. I have a habit of spilling nail polish whenever I use it, so using these pre-made pads is a safer bet for me haha.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.02.15 PM

Oil blotting pads: These things are literally my life saver. As I said before, my face has been getting really oily lately, but I don’t like washing my face in the middle of the day because the I ruin my makeup. These Clean & Clear pads are so easy and help me be way more confident.






My nightly skin routine

Night time when your skin regenerates and fixes itself naturally. It is super important to take advantage of this and use the right products before bed so your skin is able to breath and rejuvenate. For my nightly skin routine I have a couple favorite products I like to use.

Makeup remover: So I use Oxy to take off my face makeup even though it is not technically meant for removing makeup. Despite that, it does the job well while also tightening my pores through deep cleansing ingredients. For products that are legit makeup removers check out my post Top 5 best makeup removers!

Eye makeup remover: I’ve mentioned this Clinique product before in Top 5 best makeup removers and Mini Clinique haul but only because I love it so much! I think it really removes my eye makeup well and does not leave my skin feeling oily and grimy.

Face wash: St. Ives is a super amazing brand that smells so good and does wonders for my skin. The texture is super grainy and I feel really fresh after using it. The Even & Bright Pink Lemon And Mandarin Orange Scrub is my favorite for my morning and night routine because it refreshes me so well.

Moisturizer: Moisturizing every night is extremely important to keep you skin healthy, I love this Olay one because it moisturizes my skin well without my face feeling weighed down after.



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Spring (skin) cleaning

Acne is something everyone struggles with at some point in their life. No one likes it, no one wants it, and everybody just wants to get rid of it. There are plenty of products out there to help you, but you might be doing things everyday that are hurting your skin! Here are some quick tips for keeping your skin healthy and clean.

Change your pillow case

You sleep on your pillow every night, sometimes you sit on it, you throw your clothes on it, your pillow goes through a lot. There are so many germs that congregate on your pillow and pillow case so it is essential that you wash it at least one every two weeks. If you are sick I recommend changing it after a couple nights, it really makes a difference.

Wash your face cloth

Washing your face is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy. Using the same washcloth after weeks of wiping off makeup and dirt can cause a build up of germs. Change your washcloth on a weekly basis to ensure cleaner cleaning.

Wipe down your phone screen

So maybe you don’t use your phone for calling that much, but when you do, your phone is pressed up against your face. Your phone screen is touched by your hands too many times to count in one day, think of all those germs! Wipe your screen down with a disinfectant wipe like clorax, or buy wipes specially for screen cleaning.

Wash your hands

Going along with your phone screen, people are constantly toughing their face. We do it absentmindedly when we’re nervous, bored, or stressed. Next time you go up to touch your face, remember all the places you have put your hands, it’s kind of gross but also a mini reminder to wash your hands after touching the steering wheel, your dog, or your phone.


Clean your makeup brushes

A tip any makeup user will tell you, this is not over rated!! I used to neglect this, but I recently saw the importance of cleaning my brushes. Plus I just ordered this brush cleaner from Sephora that my friend recommended (I can’t wait to do a review!) which I hope will make things easier.

Also, here’s a really helpful chart that I found on Pinterest from Lauren Conrad about face mapping