Life happenings 

Hello all! Life has been pretty crazy lately and I’ve lost a lot of my free time, but hopefully things will calm down soon. I also happen to be really bad at managing my time so even though I have tons of blog post ideas and about 4 unfinished drafts, none of my ideas are actually getting out. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on!

I turned 18! Woohoo! With my legal adult status, I did the one thing I have been wanting to do since I was 13, I got my nose pierced. I am so happy with the results and have gotten so many compliments! I went to a place called Pleasurable Piercings which is right near me and was extremely happy with the whole process. The people were great and super helpful, I was in and out in 30 min.

In other news, the Pacsun in the mall by me was having a blue sticker sale where everything with a blue sticker was 70% off. The 2 shirts, cardigan, and bralette cost a total of $50. The magazine Allure randomly started coming to my house and I’m not really sure why, but I’m not complaining! The style and beaut tips are awesome plus I happen to be a major magazine hoarder. A present I received from a friend is that pink book you see entitled “The diary of a young lady of fashion of the 2017”. It’s a little planner/journal that gives me space to write about my day and plan things out on paper. I have always wanted to start journaling but have never had the motivation so this cute little book was the perfect push I needed. Lastly, I received what has now become my obsession; my Nalgene. Nalgene’s are the superior water bottle over all other water bottles, no questions asked. They are incredibly durable, practical, and cool looking and don’t make your water taste like the inside of a bottle.

And so my friends, those are the few things that have been happening, hopefully I’ll be back on my blogging game soon!




The latest haul

Black Friday scares me a little so I decided to pass on it and go shopping on Saturday. There were still tons of sales and I’m super excited about what I bought.

Grey cardigan: I bought this from Mandee, a store with not the greatest quality clothing but they are going out of business so I figured I should take a look. The whole store was 40-60% off so the cardigan was only $20.00! The cardi is super comfy and I can wear it with a bunch of different outfits.

Black suede ankle boots: I have been wanting a pair of boots like these for so long so when I saw these on sale in DSW I had to buy them. The heel is the perfect height that I an dress them up or down and the inside has a nice insole so they’re pretty comfy.

Clinique “take the day off” makeup wipes: Have I ever mentioned how much i love Clinique? I think I have 1…maybe 5 times. Anyway I bought these wipes and they’re super great. They were only $15.00, have 50 wipes, and work really well.



Shoe shopping 

Today I took a trip to the outlet mall near me to get some new sneakers before school starts. I currently own a pair of black converse that have lasted about 4 years and have definitely seen better days. As for my “sport” shoes (I use this term loosely as I don’t actually play sports) I own a pair of Reebok running shoes that I got at dsw a while ago. I wear them for gym class and when I hike…that’s about the extent of my “sporting”.

Lately all over instagram and style blogs, people have been sporting the “sneakers with everything” look. I personally love this because as much as I love sandals, flip flops, and toms, my feet just don’t like them. Sneakers are extremely practical and I love that brands are now coming out with some super stylish and practical looks!

Today I bought a new pair of black converse, though this time high tops. I love the look of them and I think they really amp up any outfit to a more edgy level. Converse don’t have the best support but for everyday in school they go perfectly with basically anything I wear.

Next I headed to the Nike store in hopes of finding a pair of sneakers that would encourage me to work out more…no such luck. I did find a pair that I really love which are not at all running sneakers, but extremely stylish. I was looking for black and white and I like the look of leather on sneakers rather than mesh which is what a lot of running sneakers are made with now. The pink tongue adds a little fun to the shoes but don’t stop them from also going with virtually anything I wear.



Shopping haul!

I finally made it to the mall to buy some new fall clothing! Plus I got everything on sale so it’s even better!

IMG_7266Everything here was from Pacsun, there was a sale for buy 1 get 2 free! Totally worth it seeing as though all items were originally $45.95 but I got 3 for the price of 1. The top left is a loose maroon hooded knit sweater with a full zipper down the front. Top right is a denim overalls dress with detaching straps and snaps all down the front (plus really deep pockets!). Last is a Gypsy Warrior brand sweater. The actual Gypsy Warrior store is actually really close to me but they don’t have very good sales, so I like to get their products from Pacsun. I am so excited to wear all of these!



I was in desperate need of some new jeans, so I was so happy to find a sale at Wetseal. The sale was buy 1 get one $10.00! I got a dark and a light wash pair because I think it’s good to have a variety of colors in your closet, plus the shade of a jean can totally make or break an outfit. I bought the “boost your booty” type because low rise fits me best, and though the pockets are really small, they are the perfect length and ideal skinny jean style.


IMG_7268Ok so this isn’t clothing but I had to put in my post. Teavana always has free samples, so naturally I stopped there on my way out of the mall. I tried their classic “Youthberry wild orange blossom tea blend” which is a personal favorite of mine. Then I was introduced to one of their holiday blends “White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos Tea” and was completely blown away. It was perfectly balanced between mint and chocolate and I can’t wait to go back and buy a few oz for the winter months! Check out the Teavana website for even more awesome teas!