Thin Mint Frappucino

Spring brings a whole bunch of opportunities to go outside and try new stuff. One of my favorite things is to just sit out and relax with friends, this often includes food and snacks. Starbucks is one of the largest coffee brands in the world and takes advantage of the spring weather to create new funky drinks.

Chocolate with mint is my absolute favorite combination so naturally I was PUMPED when I heard about the Thin Mint frappucino. There was a bit of a whipped cream overload but I could definitely taste both the mint and the chocolate.

The secret Starbucks menu has so many cool options for drinks and I really want to try a bunch out. I was a little worried about having to ask barristas to make me specialty drinks, but my friend who works at Starbucks said that as long as you’re respectful and there isn’t a huge line, any barrista would be happy to help out.




Lil bit of life

These past couple weeks have been so so crazy busy. I have so many posts I want to write for summer, but not enough time! I figured I would show you all what I’ve been doing when I’m not being bombarded with homework or stuck in work.

One of my jobs is helping to teach a hebrew class for 6th graders on Sundays. I’ve been doing it for the past couple years and it is so nice to see younger generations get into a religion I love. The classes have ended for the year so as a little thank you gift the woman I teach with gave me an amazon giftcard! I really do not buy that much on amazon but I think i’m going to invest in some books to read over the summer.

Ages and ages ago in January I received a polaroid camera for my birthday from my grandparents. I had been wanting one for so long and was really excited when I finally got one! Unfortunately, my grandma did not realize that cameras no longer come with film, so I was unable to use my polaroid.FINALLY I found the time to run to the camera store and pick up some film, I’m really excited to take cute polaroids!!

I also finally got around to buying the candle that I wanted from American Eagle. I mentioned it here in my Spring scents post. I have already burned a lot of it haha, but only because it is so good! It is light and summery and I’m super obsessed with pomegranates.

As you may remember I am going to two proms this year, since one already passed, i’m looking forward to my other! The dress I am wearing for this prom has spaghetti straps so I was in desperate need of a strapless bra. I found this one at Aerie and I’m really happy with it.

Last week I went to a school function at a community college near me that focused on arts. It was really fun and cool, but I was completely unaware I would be spending most of my time outside. I looked hella cute in my strappy tank top but I also got hella burnt on my chest and shoulders. I invested in some aloe lotion asap.

Finally, over the weekend I attended my very first live showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was absolutely amazing, bizarre, and incredible to see. I bought a cool sticker that advertises the show and gay pride, talk about cool stuff. If you haven’t seen Rocky Horror I absolutely recommend it, it was fantastic!

So that’s what’s been going on lately with me, hopefully I will be back to posting every other day soon!