Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show

This year I was invited to go to Nordstrom’s annual fall beauty trend show. I was so excited to be apart of such a cool event as a Nordstrom teen fashion ambassador with my friend. The event advertised Nordstrom’s latest beauty products, which were displayed on a great runway with awesome spokespeople and models. I loved all the products they introduced and added a bunch of items to my quickly growing Hanukkah list!

One of the coolest parts of the event was how many raffle items there were. Unfortunately I didn’t win any, but it was really cool seeing people get free perfumes, hairdryers, makeup, and other beauty products.

Our first stop was to obsess over the new MAC holiday line Nutcracker Sweet. The packaging was so cute and eye-catching, I wanted all of it! The coolest product was their new Spellbinder eyeshadow. I don’t get how it works but even though it’s loose powder, it doesn’t have any fall out! It is also the most pigmented shadow I’ve ever seen.

We headed over to the Deborah Lippmann counter and I was drawn to this electric, shimmery pink color 12th street rag. It was honestly the coolest color I’ve ever seen and I immediately put it on my wishlist. At the nail painting stand, I got the color After Midnight, it’s a super deep navy that totally set me in a cold weather mood.

Finally we headed over to the DryBar booth where we got our hair blown out to perfection. The brand was trying out their new product the 3-Day Bender with a whole bunch of their dry shampoos, anti-friz, and texturizing products. I loved the tool and my hair looked great after I got it done. Unfortunately though the tool advertises as having curls for 3 days, mine lasted for 1. This could just be my hair, or maybe I did’t put enough hairspray in, but I was a little disappointed in it.

The whole event was super cool and I loved getting beauty tricks from all the brands there!




A guide to healthy hair

In my years as a teen, my hair has been through a lot. I went through phases of short hair, bangs, colored hair, bleach, and lots and lots of split ends. With all the changes I’ve made, I’ve made some discoveries on what really is good and bad for your hair.

My hair is very very dark brown very straight, and in between being thick and thin. I don’t use any products on my hair daily and really don’t use an particular shampoo or conditioner. Everything I’ve come up with is based on my own hair type.


Wash your hair every other night::washing every night strips away essential oils that keep your hair strong, but if you wait too long in between washes, you will have super greasy hair.


Go to sleep with soaking wet hair::your hair is fragile, if you shower before bed brush your hair out first and give it time to dry. Going to sleep with soaking wet hair will cause your hair to break easier and in the winter cause you to be more prone to colds!


Dry your hair anyway you please::I come out of the shower and put my hair up in a towel, then take it down, brush it, and dry the top of my hair with a hair dryer. I let the ends of my hair air dry because then my hair isn’t super frizzy.


Be super rough:: like I said before, your hair must be treated gently! Turbie Twists are super great and absorbent, but the towel texture can be really damaging to your hair. What I actually do is turn the towel inside out so that the rough towel absorbent side is on the outside. That may sound like it’s defeating the point of the towel, but the water is still absorbed and the towel is much more gentle on my hair.


Use protection:: it is so easy to mess up your hair with dyes, bleach, and heat. Whenever you are doing something that involves anything that changes you hairs natural form, think of investing in some sort of heat protectent and special shampoos/conditioners


Use 5 million different products: Ok so you like your hair to look super sleek with no frizz and no fly-aways, but putting 3 different anti-frizz products in your hair every morning will eventually do more harm than help. Find a couple products that create a look you love, and stick to them! There is no need to put unnecessary chemicals into your hair.

And finally, DO

Keep it natural! You are beautiful as yourself, so let whatever type of hair you have shine!



**featured picture is  not my own

Learning to french braid: a journey

Hair is not my forte. I have attempted to use Pinterest to my advantage to try “quick and easy” hairstyles. To my dismay, my hair, never ends up looking like the beautiful pictures online. French braids are a style that will never go out of style because they are both practical and cute. They are the upgrade of regular braids (which are the one thing I do quite well actually) and can be done with pretty much any type of hair.

There are many mornings where I am getting ready and I think how good a french braid would look with my outfit, but alas, my attempts only get me knotted hair and late for school. I decided to take matters into my own hands and Youtube the shit out of “how to french braid”. My sister and one of my friends have been my guinea pigs and I have to say, I am proud of my progress.

My sister has very long and very very thin hair that clearly, never stays put.

My friend also has long thin hair, but it a little more frizzy, the single braid was ok, but the pigtails were a mess.

Unfortunately, as you can see, my braids are very floppy/loopy/weird and I don’t recommend either of them going out in public. So I’m asking you, blogging universe. Tips for french braiding? How do I make it less floppy?! What is the secret?? Leave your tips in the comments, thank you all!

Sarah. A

Prom Hair and Makeup

This past week was Sarah’s prom (yay!) and I had the honor of doing her hair and makeup.

Sarah asked me to do a heart braid on her hair.  It’s a fairly easy braid.  If I had more time I would have parted her hair correctly but it didn’t turn out bad at all.  After completing the braid I used my curling wand and hairspray on her hair (her hair stayed curled for 3 days!).  I was planning on brushing through her curls to give them a softer look but I didn’t want to take a chance on them deflating.  Here is the result 🙂 IMG_1300 IMG_1301

Here I only have pictures of her eye makeup.  I did full face makeup on her as well.  For her face I started with a layer of foundation and then used my Tarte Color Correcting Palette (which is basically a godsend) to even out her tone.

For her eyes I used her set of tarte palettes with some help from my Urban Decay Smokey Palette.  I used a tip that I see quite frequently from beauty gurus.  To get perfect eyeliner and a clean cut shadow line I use tape on the side of her eyes.  Below are two photos that show how well the shadows blend together.  You can also see how clean the line is between the eyeliner/eyeshadow and the rest of her face.



So far this is one of my favorite prom looks I’ve done.  Comment below your favorite prom hairstyles and looks!

Xoxo Sarah E.