Thin Mint Frappucino

Spring brings a whole bunch of opportunities to go outside and try new stuff. One of my favorite things is to just sit out and relax with friends, this often includes food and snacks. Starbucks is one of the largest coffee brands in the world and takes advantage of the spring weather to create new funky drinks.

Chocolate with mint is my absolute favorite combination so naturally I was PUMPED when I heard about the Thin Mint frappucino. There was a bit of a whipped cream overload but I could definitely taste both the mint and the chocolate.

The secret Starbucks menu has so many cool options for drinks and I really want to try a bunch out. I was a little worried about having to ask barristas to make me specialty drinks, but my friend who works at Starbucks said that as long as you’re respectful and there isn’t a huge line, any barrista would be happy to help out.




Summer solstice 

Happy Summer! Yesterday, the Summer Solstice occurred, and to celebrate I attended the Summer Solstice Yoga event in Timesquare. Fun fact this happens to be one of the first things I ever blogged about, so go me for one year!!! Check out my original post here! This year was extremely fun and filled with yoga, free stuff, and good food, just like the last.

The main sponsor this year was not Athleta like past years, but Gaiam. The yoga mats are given out at the even whether you sign up or not, and the bags filled with great swag are given out as well.

After our yoga class you were invited to wander into yoga village, a little section where all the sponsors advertise. I had never tried  Lorissa’s Kitchen jerky before, it was pretty salty and a little weird but I liked it. There was also Dunkin Donuts, a personal fave of mine so I was super excited to try their new berry smoothie, it was delish.

Casey and I had a great time together! We did take one of the gif pictures with the Timesquare Alliance company, but it didn’t send through to my email so I’m hoping to get it soon! You can find Casey here on Youtube.


After Yoga we were in need of some actual food so we looked to Yelp for help (hah rhymes). We never made it to our original destination, but instead found The city kitchen. We ordered delicious Mediterranean food from Box then finished off with Dough. Both were so so delicious and I was totally stuffed afterwards.

Our day was not over yet! We headed to Bryant park just to chill out and were pleasantly surprised to find out about the Bryant Park film festival. We were too late to find good seats on the grass, plus the movie didn’t start until 9pm, but we grabbed a flyer and took advantage of their free stuff! The photo booth was super cute and the roses being given out were the perfect way to end the day.





Summer food bucket list

Wherever you go, there will always be some legendary food place to divulge in. All over instagram and the food network I see these cool places where the food looks super amazing. This summer I decided because I actually have money to pay for my own (overpriced) instagram worthy food and a license to drive extensive distances, I would make a list of all the places I wanted to try food from.



Theses were being sold at this festival I went to, but I saw them after I was completely stuffed. My friend got them and said they’re amazing.

Doughnuttery donuts


I have seen theses all over Instagram and have been waiting to get my hands on them. As much as I love a classic Dunkin Donuts donut, there is a major difference between those and homemade.

Insomnia cookies


Insomnia cookies are a college kids best friend. My sister has a shop right near her college campus in Athens Ohio, next time I go down there I am totally getting some.

White manna


Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives told me about this place. My Aunt used to live by the place and swears by their sliders.

Soco Creamery

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.21.12 AM

Soco is in the same town as my old summer camp and all of my camp friends have been there multiple times. Somehow I never had the chance to visit the legendary icecreamery, so this year when I go up to MA it’s going to be a mandatory stop.

Black tap

This place completely deserves two pictures. I got a shake from there a couple weeks ago and it was the most intense, amazing, filling thing I have ever tasted in my life. That being said, I had no room to try a burger, and vowed to myself I would be back to try one (and have another shake of course!).

Rainbow bagel


Rainbow bagels have been such a thing lately, I figured I should go try one. Disclaimer though, I’m a total bagel snob, so this had better be good.

Pepe’s pizza


Last, but certainty not least, the best pizza in the world. I know, pizza can be very controversial depending on where you’re from, but I’m telling you; it’s the best. I’ve been going to Pepe’s since I was little and each memory is filled with mouthwatering amazingness. Go try Pepe’s, now!!

So none of these are really going to help out that whole “summer body” thing, but they all look extremely delicious so oh well! I can’t wait to go to all these places and fill my insta page with food porn!