The wonder product


There are so many products out there for your hair and your face and your skin. Each product is filled with tons of chemicals, and while most are healthy, they can also cause allergic reactions or just not mesh well with your body.

My favorite product, also happens to be the most commonly found things in drug stores, Vaseline! I started out just using it for my lips, but I soon realized how beneficial it is for the rest of your face as well.

Vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly, a moisturizing, non-comedogenic substance. This means it heals your chapped skin without clogging your pores.


Chapped lips, slide it on like lip balm when you go to sleep or even put it on top of your lipstick to add moisture and shine

Eyelashes: use you finger or a clean mascara wand to apply a thin layer to your lashes. It makes your lashes thicker, fuller, and stronger. Just be gentle when you take it off and be sure not to put any vaseline directly into your eyes.

Acne: dab vaseline onto existing zits and on acne scars and blemishes. The moisturizing quality of the petroleum jelly allows skin to heal faster and acts as a guard on your skin so more dirt and oil can’t get into the zit.

Remove makeup: I would not recommend using vaseline as your main makeup remover. I usually use it to take off eye makeup if I forget to take it off before I shower or if I accidentally sleep with makeup on. Lightly spread vaseline over the already loosened/smudged makeup and wipe it away with a washcloth or tissue.

There are so many other uses for vaseline, these are just the ones I personally have tried.






DIY phone case

When I got my first iPhone 2 years ago I was so excited to get a snapchat, Instagram, and every other app the average teenage girl has on her phone. I was also so pumped to have a cool phone case! When I went to the store I had already bought the case I wanted, it was from delias, it had a little terroir peeping over a fence, it was the cutest. I had it for a while, until the paint started to chip and I realized I was in need of a new case. There were cases being sold all over the mall and the Internet ranging from $2 to $200. I complained to my friends that I really didn’t know what case I wanted and I really didn’t want to pay a lot for a durable case.

My friend responded by buying me this clear belkin case, and printing out pieces of paper in the shape of the phone.



It’s a super simple idea that you can personalize as much as you want. I have print outs of Disney, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and just some really cool designs. Besides the cost of the actual case, this is completely free. The belkin case is really durable without making my phone bulky and has allowed my phone to survive some pretty gnarly stuff (including being dropped in the toilet) You can basically change your case every day without it costing a thing!