Life Hack

The other day after I washed a pullover sweatshirt in the wash, I found that the string that pulled the hood closed had come out of the hood. This happens constantly for me whether it be the string of a sweatshirt, a ribbon through the waist of pants, or cording through a bag. Getting the string/ribbon etc. back into its casing is super easy and fast, and totally something everyone should know how to do.

The hack is simple, all you need is a safety pin! Simply attach the pin to the piece of cording, using the pin to lead the cording through the “tunnel” in the fabric. The motion is a repetitive scrunching that should be smooth due to the safety pin. Once you get all the way through the “tunnel” of fabric, un-clip the pin, and you’re done!




DIY Lip scrub

My lips become extremely chapped over the winter no matter how much chap stick  I put on. I hate the way I look in pictures and I hate having to reapply chap stick after every meal or every couple of hours. Finally, I decided to make my own lip scrub to get rid of all the dead skin and moisturize my lips better.

I used this extremely simple recipe that I found on Pinterest. All it is is: olive oil, honey, and brown sugar.

Take the ingredients and mix them together, the ratio of the olive oil to the honey is pretty similar, maybe the size of your pinky nail(it all depends on how much you want to make). Then add enough brown sugar to fully absorb the mixed liquids.

The mixture should look like this when finished. Then, apply to your lips and rub your lips together. The brown sugar should absorb into your skin and your lips should be left feeling baby soft and tasting sweet!

My lips already feel so much better and the scrub literally took 5 minutes to make and apply. As much as I love brand products I love how easy this was and how I can make more when I need it!



Graduation gifts

The school year is winding down quickly and with it, the invites for graduation parties are rolling in. A lot of my friends are graduating high school and some of my old camp counselors graduated college! I’m so excited to celebrate with them,  and there are so many cute gift ideas you can give!

The practical one

Find out where your friend is going to college (or if they’re moving/getting a new job) and find a store near there. There is no point buying a Bed bath and beyond gift card if there are only Big Lots in the area! Do a little research and find a gift card to somewhere that you know will be useful, it can help out so much!

The fun one

Put together a basket of their favorite candy, a cute book, some pictures, a decoration or two for their dorm room, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Make this creative, personalize it to the person you’re giving it to.

The themed one

This is mostly for someone going off to college, but find their school colors and have a ball. Mix m&ms of their school colors, get them a stuffed animal of the mascot, a pennant, or even a t-shirt if they don’t already have.

The heartfelt one

Find a cute (and cheap) frame at target, walgreens, or CVS and print out your favorite picture of the two of you. Get a frame with multiple slots for pictures, or just a single one. For the single one, print out a few pictures of you guys and put them in the back of the frame, write a favorite memory on each picture so whenever your friend feels like changing the picture they are reminded of a fun time with you.

Last but not least, don’t forget a card! There are cute ones for sale, you can go online and make one, or you can make one out of construction paper. Cards are my favorite part of the gift, and sometimes last longer than the gift, so make it a good one!



DIY phone case

When I got my first iPhone 2 years ago I was so excited to get a snapchat, Instagram, and every other app the average teenage girl has on her phone. I was also so pumped to have a cool phone case! When I went to the store I had already bought the case I wanted, it was from delias, it had a little terroir peeping over a fence, it was the cutest. I had it for a while, until the paint started to chip and I realized I was in need of a new case. There were cases being sold all over the mall and the Internet ranging from $2 to $200. I complained to my friends that I really didn’t know what case I wanted and I really didn’t want to pay a lot for a durable case.

My friend responded by buying me this clear belkin case, and printing out pieces of paper in the shape of the phone.



It’s a super simple idea that you can personalize as much as you want. I have print outs of Disney, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and just some really cool designs. Besides the cost of the actual case, this is completely free. The belkin case is really durable without making my phone bulky and has allowed my phone to survive some pretty gnarly stuff (including being dropped in the toilet) You can basically change your case every day without it costing a thing!



DIY: Jeans to skirt

I had this old pair of jeans that looked really bad on me, so I decided I would transform it. I’ve been wanting a denim skirt for awhile so this was the perfect opportunity!

American eagle Jeans, original form: IMG_7554

Cut off the legs to the length you want the skirt to be:IMG_7556

Rip the seams of the legs on the front and back:IMG_7557

Pin the front legs together, avoid wrinkles in the fabric:IMG_7559

Sew the front legs together but be sure to avoid bumps in the fabric. Do the same to the back. Cut extra threads, sew a quick hem, try it on and enjoy!

Check out this link if you have any problems!


Sarah. A


It is November first and the transition from Halloween to thanksgiving has already begun! Despite that, I was super proud of my costume this year, so I decided I would share. My best friend and I wanted to do something together and since we both love Disney, we decided to be Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Both of these costumes were simple to create, but had great end results.

I simply took a plain pink t shirt (Tj maxx) and sewed with black thread straight across (not going through to the other side obviously). This gave the striped effect of Piglets sweater. I then wore black leggings (garage) to keep warm and on top some light pink soccer socks (sports authority) and a pink sparkly tutu (party city) for some fun. Last, I made my own ears using a plain brown stretchy headband (cvs) and sewed little pink triangles of felt (michaels) on. IMG_7512

My friend’s costume was basically the same as mine, just in red and yellow not pink. She wore soffe shorts underneath her tutu instead of leggings because she doesn’t get cold as easily as I do. She too bought her socks at sports authority and tutu at party city, and used felt to make her ears.


Our costume was a total success and we go so many compliments! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!



DIY: cut clothing

Scissors can easily be your best tool for creating something new. You can cut shirts, skirts, pants, and basically any article of clothing to make it a little more original. There are tons of patterns you can find online, or you can make you own! Here are a few pieces of clothing that I have transformed just using scissors!

0426f848-d89a-4cfe-9a33-fea5ec4b6323 Shorts: I made these shorts from a pair of jeans, this is a really basic transformation that a lot of people do, and it’s great because it means you can keep your clothes longer! If you have  a pair of jeans that gets to short, cut off the legs and turn them into shorts! The frayed edges are easy to get by putting them in the wash a few times. I made the holes by taking cutting a few f5302208-5cd4-4f09-9e77-dba08107db4cslits in the fabric then used tweezers to take all the blue threads out. It was time-consuming, but totally worth it! I attached a link to the video I used.




Tank top, cut and designed: This was originally a plain whit t-shirt that I used the diagram to make into a tank top, just make sure you make everything even and mark where you want to cut before you put scissors to it. Next, to make the center part I cut up squares of black fabric. I then layered them on top of each other to get the feathered look. I used a sewing machine to get all the pieces together, if you are using a hand needle, i recommend doing bigger squares one at a time. Last, I bought an iron on patch from Etsy, it says “Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters” (that’s from X-men for all you who aren’t into superheroes). Anyway, I really love this shirt, and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it!

Tank top, tye-dye: This shirt also started out as a plain white t-shirt, but as you can see, I tye-dyed it! I’m not going to explain that here, bu if you want, I can make another post about it another time. (tell me in the comments!). Anyhoo, I cut the sleeves and the bottom off, the bottom I cut rounded so it has a different flow. I left the neckline the same, so it’s a little higher. Then using a piece from the bottom that I cut off, I used a fabric marker to write on it (groovy seemed appropriate seeing as though it’t tye-dye). Last, I sewed it on the back like a sort of patch, I used my sewing machine for this too and it’s pretty fancy so the stitches are actually little flowers!     0b82f239-7869-4ac1-98f4-2d20d669e47548ef13ee-174f-492b-9f88-cfe5ab460aa5

Tank top, cut back: I actually found the design for this cut online. It was reallyfdd3b764-b5b5-4a9c-968c-15ea34b0f8ff easy and didn’t take long at all. I cut off the sleeves, using the same diagram, then used chalk to mark out where I wanted the slits. Something to keep in mind is how many slits you want, how much of your back you want exposed, and the width of the slits/how far apart you want them to be. After marking by drawing horizontal lines of different sizes, (mine 64e23317-57e9-4967-9aca-50411a37dc90were smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside), cut only on the slits and voila!



The Etsy shop I bought the patch from was JennisPrints

Diagram used for cutting basic tank:




Happy creating everyone!