Girlboss; a review

Sophia Amoruso became one of my biggest inspirations about 3 years ago when I first read her book #Girlboss. I absolutely loved the book and was so inspired by her lifestyle and rise to power through the internet. The book was filled with life and business tips, gave an extremely real view on life. Now, Netflix has created a series based on the book (and therefor Sophia’s life) and so far I really like it!

The show starts later in Sophia’s life than the book so I feel it might have left out some of her history, but I’m really hoping that in the coming episodes they address her past more. I think Britt Robertson is really great as Sophia and really captures the driven energy I felt when reading the book. I’ve never been to San Francisco but the show shot the city beautifully and shows how much inspiration can be found in one city. I’m only on episode 5 but I’m really excited to keep watching and see Sophia’s life played out in another way.

Here’s a fun review of the show (with no spoilers!)

Buy the book!! It’s totally worth it!!





Summer reading list

Reading has always been a favorite past time of mine, but during the year I often don’t have time to relax and read a whole book. Summer has given me plenty of free time, so I have created a reading list for myself.

It by Alexa Chung, as she is an inspiration in so many ways plus the look of this book is so cute.


Bossypants by Tina Fey, I’m such a fan of SNL as well as so many of her movies, she makes me laugh in every role she plays. I was laughing through out every chapter of this book. 9780316198035_p1_v2_s192x300

On the same track with comedians, I borrowed Yes Please, by Amy Poehler as she is also a favorite SNL cast member and comedian of mine. Her book had a bit more of a serious side but still plenty of humor and I highly recommend this one as well.

For school I have to read and write about How to read literature like a professor by Thomas C. Foster. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet, but so far it’s better than I thought it would be so that’s pretty good.


I also have a choice from a list the school gave us and from it I think I am going to read One flew over the cukoos nest by Ken Kesey. I’ve heard amazing reviews about the book and the movie so I’m excited to start this one.


And finally, the book of the summer, Harry Potter and the cursed child. I fully accept the fact that I have an intense Harry Potter obsession and I am pumped to read the continuation of my favorite series.