DIY Lip scrub

My lips become extremely chapped over the winter no matter how much chap stick  I put on. I hate the way I look in pictures and I hate having to reapply chap stick after every meal or every couple of hours. Finally, I decided to make my own lip scrub to get rid of all the dead skin and moisturize my lips better.

I used this extremely simple recipe that I found on Pinterest. All it is is: olive oil, honey, and brown sugar.

Take the ingredients and mix them together, the ratio of the olive oil to the honey is pretty similar, maybe the size of your pinky nail(it all depends on how much you want to make). Then add enough brown sugar to fully absorb the mixed liquids.

The mixture should look like this when finished. Then, apply to your lips and rub your lips together. The brown sugar should absorb into your skin and your lips should be left feeling baby soft and tasting sweet!

My lips already feel so much better and the scrub literally took 5 minutes to make and apply. As much as I love brand products I love how easy this was and how I can make more when I need it!




“Beauty hack”

I am a huge fan of rings. I wear 4-5 on my fingers on a daily basis. There are so many  places that sell the cutest rings, but I find that the cheaper metals always give me the same problem. If your ring isn’t made of real silver or gold and is made of some other sort of metal, it is guaranteed to become discolored and possibly make your finger green.

I bought this really cute ring at Garage and I’d been wanting to wear it, but I didn’t in fear of my finger turning green. Thus, I turned to the internet for a solution. Apparently all you have to do is paint the inside of your ring with clear nail polish so it is a “seal” between the metal and your finger.


The results

For the day it was ok! I checked in between every couple of periods in school and found my finger relatively unmarked. Then I washed my hands. Alas, my finger became tinted and the nail polish on the inside of the ring started to peel off! I was pretty disappointed with the results but I guess this is a message from the accessory gods to stop buying cheap rings.




My nightly skin routine

Night time when your skin regenerates and fixes itself naturally. It is super important to take advantage of this and use the right products before bed so your skin is able to breath and rejuvenate. For my nightly skin routine I have a couple favorite products I like to use.

Makeup remover: So I use Oxy to take off my face makeup even though it is not technically meant for removing makeup. Despite that, it does the job well while also tightening my pores through deep cleansing ingredients. For products that are legit makeup removers check out my post Top 5 best makeup removers!

Eye makeup remover: I’ve mentioned this Clinique product before in Top 5 best makeup removers and Mini Clinique haul but only because I love it so much! I think it really removes my eye makeup well and does not leave my skin feeling oily and grimy.

Face wash: St. Ives is a super amazing brand that smells so good and does wonders for my skin. The texture is super grainy and I feel really fresh after using it. The Even & Bright Pink Lemon And Mandarin Orange Scrub is my favorite for my morning and night routine because it refreshes me so well.

Moisturizer: Moisturizing every night is extremely important to keep you skin healthy, I love this Olay one because it moisturizes my skin well without my face feeling weighed down after.



***featured image at top is not mine


Beauty hack! 

My friend recently shared with me an awesome trick for keeping the pores on your legs small after shaving. It’s super easy and totally affective!

1. Turn the water on in the shower really hot so your pores open up.

2. Rub on exfoliater, leave it on and rub shaving cream on on top.

3. Shave

4. Rub on in-shower lotion, Rince off and rub on more exfoliater.

5. Once out of the shower pat your legs dry and put on regular lotion when your legs are still warm and damp.

You’re done!

Pro tip: use a new razor for the closest shave.


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