Costume makeup

I’ve always loved makeup, but I’ve really only done it on myself before. This fall and spring I joined my school drama club and did the costumes and makeup for the actors. Most of the girls knew how to makeup their faces, but the boys were clueless.

A friend of mine created a short film and needed makeup done so he asked me to help out. I was a little nervous because I’ve never done costume makeup on other people but Pinterest helped me out a lot. He wanted a look that was half cyborg, half geisha, super weird I know. Anyway, the end turned out really well!

Here’s the robot side


For the base silver color I used my Tarte pallet, I used smoke and mirrors (bottom left) and Slate bells ring (2nd column on left). Then for his highlight I used my bare minerals glitter shadow. I drew on the black lines with bare minerals black powder eyeliner. Last, the “screws” were done with my Ulta sparkle gel liner.


Here’s the Geisha side


The white is actually all talcum powder. To get the powder to stick to his face, I applied his Neutrogena foundation really tacky so that the powder had something to hold on to. It took a while to get the pigment and fully even, but the end result turned out well.

Finally, here’s the final view


His eyes are lined with Jordana liner and he’s wearing Revlon red lipstick.

I had a lot of fun doing this makeup and I hope I have the chance to do more stuff like it!




The wonder product


There are so many products out there for your hair and your face and your skin. Each product is filled with tons of chemicals, and while most are healthy, they can also cause allergic reactions or just not mesh well with your body.

My favorite product, also happens to be the most commonly found things in drug stores, Vaseline! I started out just using it for my lips, but I soon realized how beneficial it is for the rest of your face as well.

Vaseline is 100% petroleum jelly, a moisturizing, non-comedogenic substance. This means it heals your chapped skin without clogging your pores.


Chapped lips, slide it on like lip balm when you go to sleep or even put it on top of your lipstick to add moisture and shine

Eyelashes: use you finger or a clean mascara wand to apply a thin layer to your lashes. It makes your lashes thicker, fuller, and stronger. Just be gentle when you take it off and be sure not to put any vaseline directly into your eyes.

Acne: dab vaseline onto existing zits and on acne scars and blemishes. The moisturizing quality of the petroleum jelly allows skin to heal faster and acts as a guard on your skin so more dirt and oil can’t get into the zit.

Remove makeup: I would not recommend using vaseline as your main makeup remover. I usually use it to take off eye makeup if I forget to take it off before I shower or if I accidentally sleep with makeup on. Lightly spread vaseline over the already loosened/smudged makeup and wipe it away with a washcloth or tissue.

There are so many other uses for vaseline, these are just the ones I personally have tried.





A new product

My schedule is super hectic lately so I’m looking for every product out there that will save time and give me the best results. Lately I’ve been testing out different pad products to see how they result. So far I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve found.

Makeup remover pads: For a while I used liquid on a cotton ball, then I moved to wipes, but now I’ve gone on to eye makeup remover pads. These Neutrogena pads are so soft and work so well. As much as I liked the other products I used, they left my face feeling greasy and sometimes I felt like i still had makeup on. These pads wipe everything off really easily. Each pad is really soft and thick, there doesn’t even seem to be that much product on it but my makeup comes off really well. This is easily my new favorite makeup remover product and they’re really cheap too!


Acne pads: I’ve talked about these Oxy pads before, but I’ll keep talking about them because they continue to work! My skin has been super greasy lately and I’ve been getting more acne than usual, but these Oxy pads leave me feeling really clean. I use them as soon as I get home from school and right before I go to bed (after I use face wash) so the product really has time to work on my skin. Though they have a ton of alcohol in them and can burn if your skin is too dry, my pores are way tighter and my skin is less oily after I use them.


Nail polish remover pads: I’ve just started using these from Ulta and find that they’re good, not great. Though they claim to take color off all 10 fingers, this is only true for lighter colors. Since spring is coming I’ve been putting on lighter colors and these pads work pretty well. I have a habit of spilling nail polish whenever I use it, so using these pre-made pads is a safer bet for me haha.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.02.15 PM

Oil blotting pads: These things are literally my life saver. As I said before, my face has been getting really oily lately, but I don’t like washing my face in the middle of the day because the I ruin my makeup. These Clean & Clear pads are so easy and help me be way more confident.





Life Hack

The other day after I washed a pullover sweatshirt in the wash, I found that the string that pulled the hood closed had come out of the hood. This happens constantly for me whether it be the string of a sweatshirt, a ribbon through the waist of pants, or cording through a bag. Getting the string/ribbon etc. back into its casing is super easy and fast, and totally something everyone should know how to do.

The hack is simple, all you need is a safety pin! Simply attach the pin to the piece of cording, using the pin to lead the cording through the “tunnel” in the fabric. The motion is a repetitive scrunching that should be smooth due to the safety pin. Once you get all the way through the “tunnel” of fabric, un-clip the pin, and you’re done!



2017 Golden Globes red carpet

The Golden Globes were fantastic last night! La La Land swept every category it was nominated for, Meryl Streep delivered a beautiful speech when accepting the “Lifetime achievement” award, and most of all, every star made a statement on the runway! There were so many amazing looks, but also some eh ones that took my eye.

The guys

Men in tuxes is probably my favorite thing about any fancy occasions, I appreciate the tailoring of a good tux or and love when a guy chooses to go off the standard black route.

From left to right:

Eddie Redmayne-Prada. Eddie is so attractive and putting him in a tux made me melt.

Pharrel Williams-Chanel. This was a really cool and really different look that I think would look weird on anyone besides Pharell.

Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)-Gucci. This tux is so unfortunate, I couldn’t tell if it was silk or corduroy.

Ryan Gosling-Gucci. A white tux can sometimes look a little “waiter” but Ryan looked handsome as hell and added class with the little red flower.

My least favorites

These ladies went for something else and really missed the mark with their looks.

Anna Kendrick-Vionette. At first I loved this dress, the color is beautiful and the skirt flows so gracefully; then I saw the top. I just don’t understand the boob situation, the stlye is so unflattering and odd and the diagonal shoulder strap makes it worse.

Felicity Jones-Gucci. I couldn’t decide if this dress was made for an 8 year old or an 80 year old. Though the colors are nice, the weird lace with the puffy skirt gave off some weird vibes.

Kerrie Washington-Dolce and Gabanna. For a lot of people, this dress was a hit, for me it looked like a craft project. Kerrie’s makeup and styling was beautiful and she looked great in gold, but the weird accessory in the front, the material of the dress, and the sleeves made the dress so complicated and weird.

Zoe Saldana-Gucci. The first thing I thought of when I saw this dress was in Disney’s animated Cinderella, she gets her pink dress destroyed by her evil step sisters. The colors of this dress look great on Zoe, just not together. The tiered skirt and the boy made it super girly and a little immature for her.

The ones I can’t decide on

These ladies had some cool dresses that I liked for some reasons, but for others had me totally confused.

Tracee Ellis Ross-Zuhair Murad. Tracee looked so stunning in this cocktail length dress, but it was something about the proportions that confused me. Her butt looked A+ amazing but her top looked kind of smushed. I totally love the sheer sparkly fabric though and her red lips made her look even cooler.

Carrie Underwood-Iris Serban. The more I look at this dress, the more I like it. The color is so pretty on Carrie and the style really flatters her figure. The whole top of her dress is really exciting but the ruffles with the belt thing, with the structure was a little much for me.

Hailee Steinfeld-Vera Wang. Lavender is my most favorite color ever and doing it with a long flowing skirt makes it 10 times more whimsical. My problem is once again with the top of the dress, my friend cleverly stated it looked like “boob curtains”. I think this dress could have been so much cooler if the top matched the whimsical style of the bottom instead of going weird and sheer.

Drew Barrymore-Lee Harris. When Drew walked out I thought that her dress was covered in really long Q-tips. It was actually really cool crystal thingies, but I didn’t like how everything was placed and the colors made her looked a little washed out and oddly shaped.

The goodies

These ladies KILLED it and looked stunning AF.

Brie Larson-Rodarte. Wearing a red dress on the red carpet risks camoflauge, but Brie looked so stunning in cherrry. Her waist looks so tiny and the cut is so flattering, her sparles and simple styling gives her a timeless vibe.

Gina Rodrigues-Naeem Khan. I loved this dress so much. It reminded me of the 20’s flapper style but more modern because of the length. The deep v and the sparkeles made Gina stand out and look like a diamond.

Issa Rae-Christain Siriano. Issa’s body looked so incredible despite the fact that she was all covered. This further proves that mystery is sexy and she absolutely glowed in white.

Jessica Biel-Ellie Saab. This dress was straight up cool. It was totally original and funky and I loved the cool flowers. I loved that the top was so open and the skirt was fuller but the whole thing looked sexy.

Kristen Wiig-Reem Acra. Kristen looked like a pretty fairy in this dress. The color, lace, and cut is all so flattering and her pixie cut  looks so good. She almost twinned with Michelle Williams, but I think Kristen pulled ahead.

Emma Stone-Valentino. Emma can do no wrong, she is stunning in every way. Her dress was classy and flowy and the stars were straight up cool.


These two ladies ruled the runway.

Sarah Jessica Parker-Vera Wang. SJP is my queen always and this dress furthered her regal status. She looked elegant, stunning, and everything inbetween.I loved the drama of the sleeves and the skirt and the little belt added the right amount of sparkle. Her hair also looked super cool in the sort of “milk maid fishtail” look.

Lilly Collins-Zuhain Murad. Lilly stuns me with her beauty each time she walks down the red carpet. The dress is so perfect and elegant, I love how modest it is in the front but the back has a nice deep scoop. She looks so incredible with red lipstick and her eyebrows are as always on point.

Tell me your favorite looks of the red carpet!




DIY Lip scrub

My lips become extremely chapped over the winter no matter how much chap stick  I put on. I hate the way I look in pictures and I hate having to reapply chap stick after every meal or every couple of hours. Finally, I decided to make my own lip scrub to get rid of all the dead skin and moisturize my lips better.

I used this extremely simple recipe that I found on Pinterest. All it is is: olive oil, honey, and brown sugar.

Take the ingredients and mix them together, the ratio of the olive oil to the honey is pretty similar, maybe the size of your pinky nail(it all depends on how much you want to make). Then add enough brown sugar to fully absorb the mixed liquids.

The mixture should look like this when finished. Then, apply to your lips and rub your lips together. The brown sugar should absorb into your skin and your lips should be left feeling baby soft and tasting sweet!

My lips already feel so much better and the scrub literally took 5 minutes to make and apply. As much as I love brand products I love how easy this was and how I can make more when I need it!



Hella Hanukka

The holiday season is upon us! My entire feed is filled with Christmas wishlists, Christmas swearers, and Christmas trees so I decided to change it up a little. When was younger my school would have holiday assemblies where we could wear Santa hats and would sing jingle bells. I didn’t own a Santa hat and there was nothing Hanukkah themed for me to wear so I often felt a little left out. Finally, people are including Hanukkah in their holiday spirits and now Hanukkah themed clothes surround us! There is some really cute stuff out there and I can’t wait to buy it all!

Tipsy Elves is the funniest, coolest website for Hanukkah sweaters. They’re funny and fuzzy, and a great price!


Etsy is another great site for Hanukkah sweaters and Hanukkah themed clothes. I actually bought this one from here and my only warning is to buy way in advance because sometimes the shipping takes forever. Other than that, I love this sweater and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.


Absolute Socks

I have never bought from this site before but the reviews are good and their socks are so cute! I have been asking all my friends and family for cute Hanukkah socks so I’m really hoping I get some.


Party City

My mom just bought these for me and I am so excited to wear them to school. I have a pair for 4th of July and St. Patricks day, so I’m happy to continue my collection. _ml_p2p_pc_carousel_badge