(another) Ulta haul

First I would like to apologize for not being active, I have been in such a blogging rut and had nothing to write about. Luckily, Ulta was having another sale, giving me a new opporitunity to try new products!

Tarte “lights, camera, lashes” was marked down 50% so I snagged 2 for the price of one. This is my favorite mascara that i’ve used for a while, I’ll be doing a review on it soon! I really love the packaging and the size is totally worth it, it lasts me forever.

I also grabbed the ¬†Too Faced “la Matte” in “Hey gurrl” I have never used a Too Faced product before but I’ve heard tons of good reviews on the brand. I don’t have any lipstick colors like this so I’m excited to try this one out. I love the packaging for the lipstick, it is so pretty and elegant. I think I’ll do a lipstick post soon and include a full review on this one.




Project Runway season 15!

Project Runway is my most favorite tv show in this whole universe. I become so obsessed with all the designers and am so inspired by all their aesthetics. Season 15 began last Thursday and I am so into it already. The first challenge was unconventional, using the party decorations of the room they were in. It was so so good and I’m incredibly excited for the rest of the season!!


Winner: Erin

Her look was so funky and cool! I’m not really into yellow or fur for that matter, but everything was so balanced and totally brought out her personality like the challenge asked for. Her look wasn’t my favorite of the bunch, but I still think it deserved the win.

Image result for project runway season 15 episode 1 winning look

Loser: Ian

This was a total snooze fest to the max. It was so basic and I think the add-on’s made it look like a craft project that anyone could have done. There was no real style to this look and he could have done a lot more even with a simple shift dress. I also think he was deserving of the loose.

Image result for project runway season 15 episode 1 winning look

My favorite: Nathalia

So! Many! Textures! I think this look so cool and creative. The silver and white are really sleek and the bold difference between the texture of the dress and the sleeves is so eye catching.

'Project Runway' season 15 premiere recap: Fashion takes center stage



*none of these pictures are mine*

“Beauty hack”

I am a huge fan of rings. I wear 4-5 on my fingers on a daily basis. There are so many ¬†places that sell the cutest rings, but I find that the cheaper metals always give me the same problem. If your ring isn’t made of real silver or gold and is made of some other sort of metal, it is guaranteed to become discolored and possibly make your finger green.

I bought this really cute ring at Garage and I’d been wanting to wear it, but I didn’t in fear of my finger turning green. Thus, I turned to the internet for a solution. Apparently all you have to do is paint the inside of your ring with clear nail polish so it is a “seal” between the metal and your finger.


The results

For the day it was ok! I checked in between every couple of periods in school and found my finger relatively unmarked. Then I washed my hands. Alas, my finger became tinted and the nail polish on the inside of the ring started to peel off! I was pretty disappointed with the results but I guess this is a message from the accessory gods to stop buying cheap rings.




Fall nail polish

The season is getting colder which means sweaters, scarves, darker colors, and deeper nail polishes! I am so excited to wear darker colors on my nails seeing as though most of my colors are dark anyway. I’m pretty pale so I also like how stark the contrast is from my nails to my actual fingers.

Essie is my all time favorite brand, they are a little pricey but the quality is so great. Every time I get my nails done I get an Essie color. That being said, I don’t own any Essie polishes, but this fall I want to change that for sure! Essie comes out with new collections all the time, and their fall one as per usual is great.

From left to right: mrs always-right, between the seat, sunshine state of mind, high class affair, pool side service, splash of grenadine

These are Essie’s latest additions to their permanent collection. They are all sort of dusty and a step up from pastel which I think is great for every season. Im not big into “sunshine state of mind” or “high class affair” but I “splash of grenadine” is beautiful.

From left to right: off the wall, the fuchsia of art, gallery gal, mark on miami, stencil my in, in it to wyn it

The “neon 2016” is so funky and electric. All the colors are young and fun and could totally add a cool pop of color to any outfit. These colors are definitely for the brave ones but with enough confidence, anyone could pull them off.

From left to right: Kimono-over, maki me happy, now and zen, go go geisha, udon know me, playing koi

And finally, the Fall 2016 line. I am obsessed with all these colors, I want all of them. They are all so sultry and dark, perfect for any fall day or night. I’m honestly considering buying the whole collection and I am praying that my Ulta has it in stock so I don’t have to order online.



Back to school week 1

Senior year has begun! I am so excited to embark on my last year of high school, and this 3 day week was just a preview for what is ahead. My main goal for this year is to win the senior superlative of “best dressed” in my yearbook. We had a short week this week but I got a bunch of compliments and I can’t wait to show my classmates more of my outfits.

It has gotten to a high of 90 F all week and my school is not air conditioned, so even though I was tempted to wear jeans, I chose not to in fear of heat stroke. Anyway, here are my first 3 days worth of outfits!

Day 1: I wore my school senior shirt, my favorite Levi’s high-waisted shorts, and my new nike sneakers.

Day 2: A white flowy tank from Kohl’s, plaid miny skirt from Tilly’s, and my new black high-top converse

Day 3: My dress that I thrifted from Buffalo Exchange, my black choker, and my high-tops again