Citrus brush cleaner review 

After mentioning this brush cleaner in a bunch of other posts, I finally got around to doing my review! This product is so great and I am so happy I purchased it.

Applying: Take the bottle and spray like once or twice on an old washcloth. Rub the brushed bristles in it in a circular motion. You can literally see all the extra product coming off your brushes and your brushes will also look much cleaner after. The scent of the spray is really citrusy and sweet, so if you’re not into that it might be a little overwhelming. For the 3 brushes I used (foundation, blush and eye crease) I sprayed the towel about 5 times, and I think I over did it! You really don’t need that much product to fully clean your brushes meaning that it will probably last you a long time.

I think Sephora sells this in 3 sizes, and it ranges from $6.00-11.00. The website only sells the $11.00 one from what I can tell so if you want a smaller size/lower price I would buy it in store. I totally give this a 10/10!





Transitional pieces/outfit inspo

Transitioning from any season can be a struggle for your wardrobe. Luckily, there are some pieces that are great year round and practically made for transitioning for warm to to cold or vice versa.

As a general style try going short on top, long on bottom or vice versa. Sometimes my legs are cold, but sometimes my arms are, there’s really no telling. By wearing long-sleeves with shorts or pants with a tank, you can ensure that at least one part of your body will be the perfect temperature. Here’s some inspiration from pinterest!

A Denim jacket: These babies are your best friend, they can transform any outfit, go with any style, and are perfect for any season. Denim jackets can be any shade of denim, have any amount of sparkles or studs, and can be worn by any age woman (or man!). Every person should own a denim jacket, they are literally the most versatile piece of clothing ever! Plus, these babies are sold everywhere, forever 21urban outfitterslevi’s, and billions more stores.

Tights/leggings: You can put them under a dress, under a skirt, or ever under shorts. Tights and leggings have become super popular and have branched out from just plain colors. There are some really cool patterned tights and leggings you can find at stores like H&Mfrancesca’s, and foot traffic

High boots: The classic high boot with jeans look is always in, but there’s also the high boot with a skirt or dress look. High boots are so sleek and stylish, they can upgrade any outfit. Because they’re good all year round, I highly recommend getting a good quality pair at someplace like DSWNordstrom, or gojane

Cardigan with dress: Cardigans are perfect for any breezy day but pairing one with a dress gives off a more whimsical vibe. The cardi could be way longer than your dress, short and cropped, or a thick knit on top of a cotton dress. Cardigans are so versatile because they come in literally every color/print/fabric.You can probably find cardigans in any clothing store, but I thought anthropologiecharlotte russe, and target were some good places to start.



My nightly skin routine

Night time when your skin regenerates and fixes itself naturally. It is super important to take advantage of this and use the right products before bed so your skin is able to breath and rejuvenate. For my nightly skin routine I have a couple favorite products I like to use.

Makeup remover: So I use Oxy to take off my face makeup even though it is not technically meant for removing makeup. Despite that, it does the job well while also tightening my pores through deep cleansing ingredients. For products that are legit makeup removers check out my post Top 5 best makeup removers!

Eye makeup remover: I’ve mentioned this Clinique product before in Top 5 best makeup removers and Mini Clinique haul but only because I love it so much! I think it really removes my eye makeup well and does not leave my skin feeling oily and grimy.

Face wash: St. Ives is a super amazing brand that smells so good and does wonders for my skin. The texture is super grainy and I feel really fresh after using it. The Even & Bright Pink Lemon And Mandarin Orange Scrub is my favorite for my morning and night routine because it refreshes me so well.

Moisturizer: Moisturizing every night is extremely important to keep you skin healthy, I love this Olay one because it moisturizes my skin well without my face feeling weighed down after.



***featured image at top is not mine


Prom Hair and Makeup

This past week was Sarah’s prom (yay!) and I had the honor of doing her hair and makeup.

Sarah asked me to do a heart braid on her hair.  It’s a fairly easy braid.  If I had more time I would have parted her hair correctly but it didn’t turn out bad at all.  After completing the braid I used my curling wand and hairspray on her hair (her hair stayed curled for 3 days!).  I was planning on brushing through her curls to give them a softer look but I didn’t want to take a chance on them deflating.  Here is the result 🙂 IMG_1300 IMG_1301

Here I only have pictures of her eye makeup.  I did full face makeup on her as well.  For her face I started with a layer of foundation and then used my Tarte Color Correcting Palette (which is basically a godsend) to even out her tone.

For her eyes I used her set of tarte palettes with some help from my Urban Decay Smokey Palette.  I used a tip that I see quite frequently from beauty gurus.  To get perfect eyeliner and a clean cut shadow line I use tape on the side of her eyes.  Below are two photos that show how well the shadows blend together.  You can also see how clean the line is between the eyeliner/eyeshadow and the rest of her face.



So far this is one of my favorite prom looks I’ve done.  Comment below your favorite prom hairstyles and looks!

Xoxo Sarah E.

Beauty hack! 

My friend recently shared with me an awesome trick for keeping the pores on your legs small after shaving. It’s super easy and totally affective!

1. Turn the water on in the shower really hot so your pores open up.

2. Rub on exfoliater, leave it on and rub shaving cream on on top.

3. Shave

4. Rub on in-shower lotion, Rince off and rub on more exfoliater.

5. Once out of the shower pat your legs dry and put on regular lotion when your legs are still warm and damp.

You’re done!

Pro tip: use a new razor for the closest shave.


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Neutral Necessities

I love all things colorful, every outfit I wear has color in it, I am drawn to products with pretty colors, and I like to be surrounded by color, it makes me happy! Once my style started to mature though, I realized that all color, all the time could cause some serious wardrobe problems. I began to see the benefits of neutrals, and what do you know, I fell in love! Though in the store I always want to buy the brightest thing there, I’ve realized that there are some items that are essential in neutral colors.

Sunglasses: Sunnies are good all year round and are super useful in almost every circumstance. Being that they are needed in everyday life, sunglasses should go with every outfit you wear. Getting a pair in a neutral color will ensure that your outfit will never clash with your sunnies.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.36.47 AM

Skirts:  My closet is filled with printed tops and skirts, which when warm weather rolls around creates a problem. Though print on print is currently a trend, it is still necessary to have some basic pieces. A neutral skirt brings a more professional vibe as well as an element of simplicity.

Urban outfitters

Pumps: Bodycon black dresses are this generation’s version of the little black dress. For me this is pretty boring so I usually go for a colored dress for my nights out. No matter what color you are wearing though, you can always count on a black or nude pump to put your outfit together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.43.10 AM


Blazer: These spiffy jackets are an easy way to put together any outfit. Though bright colors can add an attention grabbing aspect to your boring work outfit, a neutral blazer is perfect for everyday wear because it goes with anything. Check out my favorited blazers in my last post: WORK it

Tights: I think tights are such an under appreciated element of an outfit. There are so many styles and colors of tights, they can totally turn an outfit around. Fishnets are extremely cool because they add sex appeal but also a visual appeal because of they texture. Black tights in general are so bad ass and can take any outfit up a notch.


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.49.18 AM
Discount Dance supply
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.49.43 AM

Nail polish: Your nails can totally bring an entire outfit, or in some cases ruin it! Switching seasonal colors for neutrals sometimes can add an element of class and sophistication. This grey is really cool and industrial and I’m seriously considering adding it to my collection. This nude is super sweet and simple and adds a touch of visual interest while not taking it over the top.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.54.05 AM
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.54.19 AM





Shopping  haul

Since I got my job at the mall, I now spend excessive time at there, and since I have money now I feel the need to spend it haha. The things I bought were mostly things I needed though, plus I used gift-cards and coupons so woo!


I actually bought from the beauty steals sale that I talked about here, and am really happy with my purchases

Ulta Demi-Matte foundation: I’ve never used this product, but I love the Ulta brand so I’m excited to see how this works!

Ulta beauty automatic gel liner: I was really excited because I got this for $3 from the sales but I am a little disappointed. This liner smudges so easily and the tip does not stay sharp, my lines come out uneven and thick.

Sally Hansen salon effects: I mentioned getting these in my Spring wishlist post and I’m super excited about them! I’ll be putting them on for prom this Friday, and I can’t wait to do a review!

Eos: I’m a sucker for chapstick, what can I say?!



Citrus brush cleaner: I am so so excited to try this product. My friend recommended it to me and since I’m lazy about washing my brushes I’m looking forward to an easy way of cleaning them.

Liquid liner: Surprisingly I’ve never used liquid liner from sephora brand, but I love it! It was only $12 and so worth it. The composition of the liner is smooth and exact, my wings have never looked better!

Bath and bodyworks/White Barn

Lemoncello candle: I was seriously in need of spring/summer scented candles. I’m a huge fan of light citrus scents (and florals) plus lemons happen to be my favorite fruit, so this candle is perfect. Plus it came with match boxes! I happen to be really bad with matches unfortunately, but the aesthetic is so cute.

Pink Jasmine lotion: I finally ran out of all the travel sized lotions I took from hotels, and realized that a legitimately sized bottle of lotion was needed. I love wearing floral scents and this one is so light and springy.