The Oscars, best of the red carpet

Leonardo DicCaprio won!!! This years Oscars was obviously amazing for that reason and for the other amazing movies. As usual, the red carpet looked great as well, here are some of my favorite looks.


Priyanka Chopra: Zuhair Murad, once again the stereotype of lace being old and dated is irrelevant as this ZM gown is sexy, modern, sleek, and definitely not grandma like.

Olivia Wilde: Valentino, Liv is getting lots of attention for this completely backless and partly frontless dress, yet remains on my best dressed list. The slim pleats on the skirt and armor-like shoulder pads are so fierce and sexy.

Emily Blunt: Prada, the pale pink of this dress was pretty and feminine to go with her fin curls, plus totally flattered her slightly pregnant belly.

Rooney Mara: Givenchy, The lace on this dress was so elegant and sleek, Rooney always looks so cool and her hair is so on point.

Heidi Klum: Marchesa, I loved this look it was light and airy, the colors were gorgeous and reminded me of fairies.

Kate Blanchett: Armani, this was the first dress I saw when turning on my Tv and I immediately fell in love with it. Like Heidi’s, Kate’s dress is whimsical and fair like, though hers steps it up a bit with the plunging neckline and ice blue. The texture on this dress was fantastic and every angle looked amazing.


Brie Larson (winner!!) : Gucci, Brie looked so powerful in this emerald blue and she really stood out in the sea of pastel colors.

Alicia Vikander (winner!!) : Louis Vuitton, all I could think of was that Alicia looked like the real life version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and she rocked it!

Saoirsi Ronan: Calvin Klein, This dress was so perfect for the red carpet, it has flash and sex appeal while still remaining classy.

Rachel McCadams: August Getty Atelier, In my opinion this was the sexiest dress of the night. The slit was way high and the open back made a daring plunge, however the deep green kept the look from being trashy, upholding Rach’s steller red carpet reputation.





NEDA Week 2016

This week is NEDA week, National Eating Disorder Association Awareness Week. It’s a time to promote and inform other about the dangers of eating disorders, treatment and healing, and involvement.

The link below leads to the NEDA website:

Please take a few minutes to look at their website and get screened. You may not know you have an eating disorder or be at risk for one, and it’s important to know.

There are also many ways to get involved as well.

If you think you’re suffering from an eating disorder or feel suicidal from an eating disorder please tell someone and get screened. It’s important to not suffer in silence 

xoxo Sarah E.

Quick thrift

This past weekend I was in Washington DC with my temple to lobby for Congress. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much. For our free time, we were allowed to wander around Georgettown. I was immediately drawn to the store Buffalo Exchange. I’ve visited the store many times in NYC and was excited to see a different location! Buffalo Exchange is a chain thrift store that is a treasure trove for vintage and designer clothing. The staff is wonderful and friendly and they are all about sustainability, so their shopping bags are reusable. I adore the entire vibe of the store and am so happy with the clothes i bought, for a total of $20.00!

I bought this green sweater that is surprisingly warm despite its separated stitch. Its a little longer in the back than the front but I love it with leggings and boots. The other item i bought was this super cute black floral dress. It’s a really good length and I could easily make it appropriate for work or for going out!










Playlist Monday

sarahI haven’t done this in a while, but I really wanted to share this playlist I just made. I’m in love with all these powerful women, they use humor, emotion, and current events to make their music meaningful and powerful.  Their voices and music are just the thing I need to power through another Monday.

Lovely leading Ladies


Boys (that I dated in high school)

Dream Boy


Move to LA

Christina Perri:

Jar of hearts

Bang bang bang



Burning gold


The love club

A world alone

White teeth teens







Wolf Alice:

Your loves whore




Skinny Love

Light me up

Words as weapons

Find this playlist on my spotify, piggyluv2000




DIY phone case

When I got my first iPhone 2 years ago I was so excited to get a snapchat, Instagram, and every other app the average teenage girl has on her phone. I was also so pumped to have a cool phone case! When I went to the store I had already bought the case I wanted, it was from delias, it had a little terroir peeping over a fence, it was the cutest. I had it for a while, until the paint started to chip and I realized I was in need of a new case. There were cases being sold all over the mall and the Internet ranging from $2 to $200. I complained to my friends that I really didn’t know what case I wanted and I really didn’t want to pay a lot for a durable case.

My friend responded by buying me this clear belkin case, and printing out pieces of paper in the shape of the phone.



It’s a super simple idea that you can personalize as much as you want. I have print outs of Disney, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and just some really cool designs. Besides the cost of the actual case, this is completely free. The belkin case is really durable without making my phone bulky and has allowed my phone to survive some pretty gnarly stuff (including being dropped in the toilet) You can basically change your case every day without it costing a thing!