Playlist Monday

Happy Monday readers! Mondays mean getting up early, going out in public in something other than pajamas, and unfortunately work/school.

Despite that, it’s also the start to a new week! More opportunities for fun plans and another weekend to look forward to. To keep your spirits up, here’s a playlist of some happy tunes!



Perfect Day-Hoku

Good day-Nappy Roots

Walking on Sunshine-Katrina and the Waves

Be My Forever-Christina Perri ft. Ed Sheeran

Pocket full of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield

Fly-Hilary Duff

Seize the day-Newsies

Wake up Call-Maroon 5

Somewhere over the rainbow-the Ukulele brothers

Biggest man in Los Angeles-Andy Grammar

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Back to school

I have officially finished my first week of junior year! My goals for this year are to be more on top of my work, socialize more, and of course, wear cooler clothes! Usually I start off the year with really good outfits but then I get really lazy. This year though, I’m looking forward to being more bold with my outfits and trying new trends. Here’s what my first couple days looked like!

Tank: garage Shorts: american eagle Shoes: converse Necklace: local boutique Lipstick: bare minerals
Shirt: Juicy Couture Skirt: Love Culture Shoes: Toms
Shirt: charlotte russe Shorts: levi’s Shoes: converse
Shirt: wetseal Skirt: les tout petits by lois letzt Necklace: ???? hand-me-down Shoes: converse Lipstick: ulta
Tank: wetseal Skirt: tilly’s Shoes: toms

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my outfits and I’m really excited to keep mixing patterns, wearing statement necklaces, and to wear more lipstick. There are so many simple ways to make an outfit stand out. Hope you are all having a good beginning of school!

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Night Time Eye Makeup

hi readers!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Unfortunately school is starting this week *sobs* so I have to finish summer work 😒

Today I decided to a nighttime look. Ignore the eyebrows they’re a work in progress 😁

This was actually similar to makeup that I had done for a friend’s sweet sixteen a couple months ago. It was a smokey eye that was silver though.

For the eyeshadow combo I used a palette from Revlon that I got from a cousin who actually works at the company!

It’s from Revlon’s Colorstay collection in 555 Moonlit. They have many different color options for this palette so there’s something for everyone.

Side note: to prime my eyes I used a sample of urban decay’s anti aging primer in nude 

Here are the four steps I used for creating the look (I just followed the instructions on the back of the palette)

1) take a medium sized brush and apply the medium brown in right corner. Instead of stroking it across your eyelid dab it on. It keeps the eyeshadow from falling under your eyes. It’s a really pretty color and it’s dark but not like black 

2) use a small brush and apply the tan color to your crease line. Apply enough to make it pop against the shimmery brown. Then take a blending brush and smooth it out.

For blending I use my Paula Dorf brush 

 any blending brush would work. Personally I would put some money into a high quality brush, maybe something from sephora (my favorite on the planet)

3) take the same small brush and apply the darker brown to your outer corner. Dab it on like in the first step until it’s dark enough to your satisfaction. Then use a blending brush and blend into your crease

4) this is optional and I don’t always do this but take a larger brush and apply the shimmery white under your eyebrow to your crease. 

For eyeliner I did a small wing with my l’oreal cream eyeliner. It came with an eyeliner brush so I’ve been using that 

For my eyelashes I decided to skip mascara and just curl them

Except some back to school outfit posts this week!

Xoxo Sarah E.




New room

I love change in any sense. I’ve never been afraid to try new things, or take a leap of faith. I’ve been dreaming about college and starting fresh all my life. Unfortunately, I still have 2 more years of high school left (ugh) so for now i’m stuck in the suburbs in the house I grew up in. However, my sister did just move out, giving me the opportunity to move upstairs, and redo my whole room!

The room is really huge, and the walls come in at an angle at the top. The mural in the back was painted by my grandfather, and i’m totally in love with the natural light it gives off! The curtains are from Bed Bath and Beyond but I have no clue where my lamp is from.


The comforter on my bed is from my mom so I actually have no clue where it’s from. My sheets are plain blue and from target, the pillows are pillow pets lol. 🙂 On the wall the bed is against, I taped a line of post cards up. I love post cards, they add culture, color, and remind me of the cool places I’ve been.


I am so proud of this wall haha. Because of its shape, none of my furniture can really fit so I taped up fun posters and pictures. I have band posters, my favorite poems, and a lot of Harry Potter stuff. I wanted to make this wall really cheerful so even when the school year gets me down, I have something to smile about.


This is like a mini hallway that opens up to the rest of the room. On the left is my closet (one of the doors is broken whoops) and a quote by Marilyn Monroe that I got at Icing on the right is an inspiration board that I made (check out a full picture on my Instagram) and a wall stick on of a chandelier from The Christmas Tree Shop. Though there’s more wall space fro pictures, I don’t want to make it cluttered because the hall is so narrow.


This is my dresser, in all the drawers are are my clothes and it took a while to get all the drawers to shut because they’re so full! I have some pictures on the left, but in the center is my jewelry. My mom got it for me at a boutique in my town, but you can find cute ones online, or in places like Homegoods. The little red box also has jewlery in it too, but that was also a gift so i have no clue where i got that either. Next to that is a bowl with lip gloss (all from Ulta and Bath and Bodyworks) and some lotion (also B&Bworks) As you can tell, I’m super organized and I like everything to be really neat.


My desk is where I do all my homework and type everythin, so it has so be comfortable. Sometimes it can get a little distracting because I have so much stuff, but as long as everything is prganized I’m ok. I have tons of books as you can tell, but i like to mix their order and add trinkets for asthetic. I constantly change the setup of my books, but I really like this one so I don’t think I” be changing it for a while.  The lamp is from Bed Bath and Beyond, the cork board is from Staples, and the mini white board is from 5below. Ally my pens and pencils are kept in mason jars that i decorated with tissue paper and ribbons.


This is the last little back corner of my room. The white door lead to my attic, but that kind of scares me so I put my chest of drawers there haha. (They’re from Bb&beyond too) The S is a jewelry hanger that I bought at Icing and I hung up my Toms flag with my camp pennant. My mirror came with my furniture set, and it’s a little annoying because it’s too heavy to hang on the wall but oh well.


Hope you all enjoyed my room tour! Any questions about my stuff, feel free to ask, happy redecorating!




Fall is coming! That means darker colors, thicker fabrics, more textures, and my favorite; Knits. There is so much you can do with knits, there are tons of colors, styles, and textures for basically any item of clothing. Plus, they’re an easy way to keep warm, while staying stylish. I happen to be an avid knitter, bu even if you aren’t there are plenty of stores to buy great knitwear.

Sweater: The most classic knit article on this planet, yet still super stylish. There are tons of different knit sweaters you can buy, and they’re sold almost everywhere!






f21 sweater
Forever 21 $19.90






Scarf: So versatile, so cozy, and so chic. What else could you need?

Hand knit, ribbed stitch. Yarn from Joanne fabrics

Hat/Beanie: My new obsession. I started knitting these and I can’t stop! Not to mention all the ones that I’ve bought in stores. My head will forever be happy in the winter.

Top left: hand knit with pattern, yarn from Joanne fabrics Top right: ??? I found this in my closet 🙂 Bottom left: Ramesy Outdoor store, Ramsey NJ Bottom right: Charlotte Russe

Tank: Ok, so this is a little out of season compared with the others, but hey just pair it with a flannel and you’re good to go!

Garage $15.00
Garage tank with tank sweater vest
Kohls $16.00
Tank with plaid flannel (this flannel is like 100 years old, i got it from my dad lol)

Cardigan: Easy, breezy, comfy, cozy. Basically a sweater, but there are even more options! Cardigans are the easiest way to layer and add excitement to your outfit, while still staying practical.

Laila Rowe
Urban Outfitters $59.00

Hope I got you all super psyched for fall!